Our Crew

Chelsea Christer
Executive Producer, 

A close friend and fan of The Matches for ten years, Chelsea produces and directs commercial videos all over North America, Europe and Asia, where her clients range from fellow filmmakers to companies like Adobe. She is an expert in the documentary format and is endlessly passionate about storytelling.

Ryon Lane
Executive Producer, Producer

With more than a decade of experience in film & TV, Ryon produces festival-bound independent films, VR content, and commercials for agencies and F500s. He previously worked in Business Affairs at Lionsgate and Intermedia Film and wrote coverage at CAA. Ryon is a member of the Cherokee Nation, has passion to tell stories about underdogs, and often serves as a film festival speaker and judge. He recently produced short film REAL ARTISTS (2017), which screened at film festivals such as SFFILM, Cinequest and Cannes.

Patrick Lawler

The insanely talented Patrick Lawler has been a music video and commercial cinematographer and director for several years and is one of the best. He and Chelsea are long-time friends and make a ridiculously awesome team.

Phillip Briggs

Prior to becoming a cinematographer, Phil Briggs spent fifteen years as a cyclist racing all over North America, Europe and Asia. Since then, Phil has taken home the Golden Reel Award and Best Cinematography in 2006 for a short he directed and shot. His most recent work “Everyday Black Man” is currently on Showtime and available on DVD.

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