WE BLEED AUDIO | Artist Profile: Tiny Stills

HEY! Did you know we are hosting a very special music showcase playing tribute to The Matches and fundraising for post production on our film?? Come be a part of a super fun gathering of talented musicians and artists, and help us get one step further in finishing our film!

The event takes place on November 15th at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, and you can purchase your tickets RIGHT NOW!

Kailynn is a dear friend of ours here at Bleeding Audio, and we are so honored and thrilled she agreed to be a part of our line up! Learn more about Kailynn and Tiny Stills below, and don’t miss her performing at the showcase in November!


Tell us about you and your band!

I’m Kailynn West, my band is Tiny Stills and we’re from Los Angeles. I started writing this music in 2013. This music was born during a time of isolation and continues today from a happier place, but with still a lot of the same feelings.

Why do you choose to make music? What do you love about it?

Music helps me connect with people. When I’m having a hard day or am really upset about something I crank up my favorite music really loud and go for a walk or drive, and I let those feelings stew in my brain until they leave me. A lot of times my thoughts boil down into new songs when I’m doing this. I’m always making music because it’s been therapeutic and cathartic for me. My goal is always to bring that comfort to someone else through the music I make, too. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

What do you hate?

The only thing that’s hard about making music is doing it for a living and being on tour and away from your family. That’s always hard.

What has been your favorite fan interaction / moment that validated you as a musician and artist?

I was asked to open Motion City Soundtrack’s final ever show in Chicago at the Metro in September 2016. They had a band drop off the bill last minute, and they asked me 10 minutes before doors opened if I could fill the spot; and of course I did it. That’s a once in a lifetime experience, and it was one of my favorite nights ever. I borrowed Justin Pierre’s guitar, and as I was walking on stage I heard a girl in the front row go “Tiny Stills! I didn’t know you were playing tonight!” and I said “me neither!” and as I played I heard her say “I love this song!” and saw her singing along. Aside from opening the last show of a band I love and respect so much there was someone there who knew the words, and that was absolutely INSANE. It was two absolutely insane experiences in one night and my mind was blown.

Tell us about The Matches.

When I was on tour with Anthony Raneri (Bayside) in 2015, we were playing music that we loved in the van. He was the first one to show me The Matches. We were sharing music with each other, and he pulled them up and said I would love them and I did. The first song I ever heard was “What Katie Said“, but after that I was hooked. I didn’t know Bleeding Audio or Chelsea (director) or Justin (Matches bassist) yet, but then I met them a year later, and here I am, super excited to be paying tribute to this awesome band! Now most days I wish I could be as cool as Jon Devoto, but I just can’t ooze coolness like he does. I never will.

Which Matches song are you going to cover and why?

I’m covering Salty Eyes because I love the lyrics, the rhyming, and the vowels. It sounds silly, but some songs just feel good to sing and this is one of them. The melody is great, and it’s a beautiful song!


We love you, Kailynn! Ok, folks, if you’re already a fan, you KNOW you can’t wait to see a Tiny Stills rendition of The Matches‘ song, Salty Eyes. If this is your first introduction–HOMEWORK: go listen to Tiny Stills on whatever device/app/website you want, fall in love, and get excited. If you’re like “what? The Matches? Salty Eyes?” Uhhhhhhhhh. And go here for starters?

band-logoImagine heartfelt, quotable lyrics framed in indie pop production (ala Rilo Kiley/That Dog) and you’re venturing into the musical landscape of Tiny Stills. Crunchy guitars, quirky instrumentation, and buttery smooth vocals that aren’t afraid to get aggressive. Front lady Kailynn West isn’t afraid to leave her heart on stage. Tiny Stills has toured nationally and shared the stage with artists such as Anthony Raneri (Bayside), Allison Weiss, and Motion City Soundtrack and is currently crafting the perfect feel-good sad anthem sing along for your next inevitable heartbreak.

Keep up to date on new music, tour dates & more on Tiny Stills‘ social media channels.

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