WE BLEED AUDIO | Artist Profile: August Brings

Have you heard about WE BLEED AUDIO yet?? WE BLEED AUDIO is a very special music showcase playing tribute to The Matches and fundraising for post production on our film, Bleeding Audio: A Documentary About The Matches & the Music Industry. We have an amazing line up for the event, and we’d like for you to get to know some of our artists (if you don’t already!).

The event takes place on November 15th at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, and you can purchase your tickets RIGHT NOW!

We have a long list of really great talent on this bill, and here’s a special look into one of our acts: Zen Zenith’s latest project, AUGUST BRINGS.


Tell us about you and your band!

My band is mostly just me but sometimes it’s other people as well. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and am currently residing in Los Angeles. August Brings is essentially the vessel for my acoustic guitar fueled tunes, which I suppose I’ve been writing since I was a young blood.

Why do you choose to make music? What do you love about it?

I usually make music because I have something I want to say or a feeling I want to express – it’s a great form of therapy for me. Beyond that, I really believe music works its magic best when there are other people involved – so many art forms can require a very solitary approach but music leans a little more heavily upon reliance upon other musicians. In that sense it’s a great way to build community and bring people together. I find a lot of family through music.

What do you hate?

The thing I hate about music is that the music industry is a mess. I worry that amazingly talented songwriters who aren’t business savvy no longer have a way to reach us. I worry that there’s no money to be made and that music will become purely a hobbyists pursuit.

What has been your favorite fan interaction / moment that validated you as a musician and artist?

When my band Please Do Not Fight broke up, we had an amazing final show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. We had not only all our friends in attendance, but also a slew of folks I had never met previously who were fans of the band that came up to say hi afterwards. It really touched me because, being a small local band, sometimes it can feel like you’re in a bubble playing to yourself and your friends. To know that we had managed to reach people outside of that sphere and that there were people listening that I was unaware of really meant a lot to me. To know that anyone is finding connection and solace in your music somehow is always a real honor.

Tell us about The Matches.

I always hesitate to say things like this because I am now actual real life friends with many of the members of The Matches but, real talk, The Matches are one of the reasons I decided to start taking music seriously. Not only were they my first experience witnessing a local band finding an audience outside of the Bay Area, the way they conducted themselves and their promotional efforts really inspired me and made me feel like “Hey, -I- could do this!” for the first time. They were a gateway for me to a bigger musical world. The L3 shows also introduced me to a lot of other local bands I loved. For a while I think I was pretty much exclusively listening to local artists, mostly because of The Matches.

Musically they were a huge influence as well – Shawn’s lyrics always stuck out to me as particularly thoughtful and brutally honest, which is something I am always drawn to but struggled to find in the world of pop punk / alt rock. Meanwhile, the rest of the band is making really interesting and fun musical choices. Back in the day I always used to describe the Matches to friends who didn’t know them like “They’re kind of pop-punk but if pop-punk was written by the really smart weird kids instead of the jocks.”

Which Matches song are you going to cover and why?

I am going to cover the bands latest single “Life of a Match”. It’s a little bit of a strange choice because I feel like I should take this opportunity to cover one of their classic tunes, but this song just really speaks to me and I am so impressed with how the lyrical content truly feels like a Matches song, just 10 years after the fact. I relate to it now just like I related to all the songs back then!


Zen is one of our nearest and dearest friends, and we are so thrilled to see him perform as August Brings in November, and to see his rendition of Life of a Match.


August Brings is the primary outlet for the acoustic guitar fueled stylings of singer songwriter Zen Zenith. Forged in the fires of the late 90s and early 00s, Zen’s lyric focused approach draws heavily from influences like Conor Oberst, Modest Mouse, The Weakerthans and Death Cab For Cutie.

Get the latest news on Zen & August Brings on his social channels & listen to his music here

facebook.com/augustbrings // twitter @augustbrings // instagram @augustbrings // http://www.augustbrings.com

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